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Burger King is offering a free Angry Whopper (a spicy counterpart to their original flame-broiled treat.) But you’ve got to prove your loyalty to the king.

You need to add the Whopper Sacrifice Facebook app, and then the next part is fun! Burger King is asking you to boot 10 of your friends. Yup, these 10 will no longer be your friends on Fbook.

Now before you get scared that you’ll offend these people, remember one thing. These 10 people add nothing to your life while the Whopper adds deliciousness to your tastebuds. You can’t eat these friends. These friends are so worthless.

One other little thing, it lets those friends know you bumped them. So choose people who understand the words “FREE FOOD.” (So, basically, your friends still in college.) And you want to sacrifice friends who are willing to sacrifice you first. Once they’ve unfriended you, it’s too late to cut them. Every man for himself on the social web!

I already know 10 people I’m going to cut. Worried you’re on my chopping block? Maybe you should buy me a whopper. There’s a chance I won’t unfriend you. But 2 Whoppers does sound nice : D

Read more about the deal at the official website>>

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On this first Monday of the new year, I’d like to talk about resolutions. It’s around this point, after the first weekend, when things get busy, where we learn whether our resolutions are possible.

Well, this is the year not to slack off. 1) We’re at a critical point where our decisions could win or lose this high stakes game to save the economy. 2) This is our final year to define this first decade of the new century. Thus far, this decade has been defined by tragedy and political missteps.

So while we’re trying to sustain our resolutions to eat less, drink less, read more, etc., we should add 5 more to the list. And these 5 resolutions shouldn’t be for the coming year alone; we should hold these resolutions as lifestyles.


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Well actually maybe. But first let’s jump into the question: What is MySpace Primetime? It’s basically a player that allows MySpace users to customize Hulu’s content for their profile. You can both watch and share your favorite shows (with commercials of course.)

Hulu, for the majority of peeps that still haven’t found this website, is a website that ahem plays all your favorite shows. I like Surf the Channel, but there are questionable practices at that site. And sometimes STC just points you to Hulu…

This app is a great example of integration. Imagine, me and you both loving Family Guy. I’m interested in checking your profile to see what’s up, but then you have Family Guy, Arrested Development, 30 Rock…

Man, your profile is going to distract me from getting posts on this blog…

Check out Primetime now>>

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^It’s common to see reviews that slam an app. If we’ve learned anything from social marketing, the review is vital to your story. You develop the about page to make the best sale, but users will look at the reviews to learn the truth. Here are 5 reason why you might get a sucky review:

///Less is More///

The newest apps have accounted for this. In the early days, some apps had complicated pages to do simple things. The app Romantic Gifts frustrated me the first time I used it. It’s supposed to be a fun application to send gifts to friends, but they created a point-based rewards system. I couldn’t send some gifts unless I had accomplished certain goals. Did I go through the trouble? Nope. I just used the app Free Gifts, where I could…well…send gifts. I click a gift, type a name, type a message, and click send.

I’m sure the Romantic Gifts people wanted to create a fun way of sending gifts, but they overlooked the fact that the act of sending a goofy or meaningful gift is already the fun part. So, they instead added a complication. I couldn’t send a “box of chocolates” gift until I had earned points…

Now some people will like apps like Romantic Gifts. The best point comes from an earlier post of mine where I recommended some Facebook apps to make life easier. I said the Professional Profile app was great because it would upload your resume from LinkedIn, help you build connections, find you recommendations from coworkers. Great, but sounds a little complicated… Here’s proof that the complications hurt the app:


^ The application on the left is Professional Profile, which we can see gets 2,191 active users at this time. It also got some tepid reviews. Now, the app on the left is doing much better. Why? Well, it’s simple. Literally. On the left we have the My LinkedIn Profile app. The beauty of the second app is that the user enters their LinkedIn profile url, selects a badge linked to that profile, and slaps it onto their profile. Then other LinkedIn users will see it, click on it, and they still get your resume, recommendations…all the lovely things I thought Professional Profile had…

Let’s go back to Romantic Gifts, which has nearly 8,000 users. It sounds like a great number until you see the number of users for the app Free Gifts:



The picture from the beginning of the post has bad reviews for an app that doesn’t work. It might work for some users, but they won’t save you from a bad review. Facebook users have had several experiences with bad apps from the early days. Now, an app with kinks is intolerable because it clutters our precious profile space (even on the new profile design).

I avoid apps with two things: several discussion topics on why the app doesn’t work and bad reviews about the app not working. It makes sense, right? But apps don’t work like normal experiences. The first impression can kill your chances with a user.

It’s an easy problem to avoid. Stay in developer mode longer. Then build slowly from there. If you launch it too soon and the users discover the kink in your code, you might suffer some harsh reviews.

Of course more users equal more complications beyond your code. Use your sense of customer service: apologize, say you’re working on it, and then fix it ASAP. Box.net’s Files, a great app, ran into a problem and they made sure to address it. Check out their about page in the pic below. You’ll notice that they post a notice and make a comment on their wall. You’ll also notice that despite some bad reviews, the app still 6,000+ users. It might not work for everyone, but Box.net has addressed the problem in a fight to keep users.


Update: I want to point to Sean’s comment as the best example of showing the vigor to resolve a problem. He took extra time from his work day to repeat that people are working hard to get this fixed.

His comment also makes me want to talk about a separate issue. On the other side, as a user, I believe you shouldn’t give bad reviews to apps with kinks. Developers work hard to make sure you have a great app that makes your life easier. It’s why, in an earlier post, I put the Files app as one to watch. Once it’s fixed, it will be a great replacement for your thumbnail drive. There are real people behind these innovations, and reviews should be for posting your reaction to the app to share with others. If there’s an error, message the creator to find out the progress of resolving the issue. They’ll be happy to update you, and it opens a better discourse.

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Salesforce.com announced today that they’ll be giving a set of tools to developers to create dynamic business idea apps like their effective My Starbucks Idea app on the popular social networking site Facebook. Sweet.


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I just got back from the gun range where I practice shooting Zombies in the head. I open my Facebook account to discover that I’ve been invited to join the Zombie app. What better way to get into their heads than to playfully bite my friends. I don’t condone actually being a Zombie because the second amendment allows me to shoot you when you try to feast on my brain parts.

And then MattCutts.com showed the world that Google has finally Zombie-proofed its directory:

We’re entering a scary new era where zombies can program complex site crawlers to get into our brain directories. I didn’t even know I had a brain directory. But it got me to thinking about the disturbing popularity of zombies…

I submit this piece of evidence from Google Trends:

The graph shows a steady rise in the number of zombie searches over the past 5 years. Even more disturbing are Mexican zombies, and we’ve begun to see a huge surge of interest:

It spikes up in 2004, leading me to believe that we must’ve had the first zombie sighting in Mexico at some point. From there, we see a more stable graph of zombie interest from Mexico. This scares me because NAFTA might allow for more zombie trafficking across the border.

Mexican zombies will soon want more brains for their families, and I bet we will see them immigrate to our states to feast on government brain handouts and take away brain-eating jobs from American zombies.

Don’t get me wrong…I’d rather have zero zombies, but I’m a proud American. I’d hate to see my local neighborhood taken over with Zombie mariachi music. If we don’t act, it might be too late.

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So, if you’re going to add an app to your profile, it shouldn’t just be clutter (ok maybe the occasional Dwight Shrute flair or some Lil Wayne “Lollipop” bumper stickers wouldn’t hurt.) I’ve comprised the best apps to make your life a little easier.

///Blog It///

I have a Vox, Blogger, WordPress, Pownce, Twitter, and Tumblr account, but it’s not a hassle with Blog It. You just add this app, set some permissions, and you can update all your accounts in two swoops: update your blog and update your statuses/tweets.

If you set your Twitter account to update your Facebook status, that’s even less work for you. You can update us with what you’re doing…and actually do it. Nifty! [View]


Let’s say you wanted to meet with other people to protest Walmart’s exploitation of those poor people in their workforce. MeetingWave is a great to both organize events and find other interested individuals (like me, let me at that faceless corporation!!!)

You can add this to your profile, or you can add this to a page. There you can use it to organize board meetings, special events, etc. [View]


Why not post your next big presentation to get some feedback from your friends? Add the SlideShare app to your profile and you’ll be able to use the same great features via your profile/page. I’m going to use this app to post a slide showabout Ignite on its Facebook page. I’m also going to use it post a slide show to teach new voters how to vote in Texas tomorrow! [View]

///Professional Profile///

Upload your resume and documents to your Facebook profile AND sync this app with LinkedIn.com? Sounds perfect, and the user ratings have found this application to be the simple. I love the sync feature because I only have to upload things like my resume and recommendations once. This is a good step in making Facebook a little grown up. [View]

///Free Text Alert///

This is pretty sweet, and I just added it to Ignite’s page. It’s really simple in that you just add it to your profile, go through a few steps, and then people can subscribe to your alert. Subscribers enter their phone number, and you’ll keep them updated on that party, special event, performance, art gallery opening, weekend sale…you name it. [View]

Finally I give you two apps in the File Sharing category to keep your eye on:

///File Sharing///

So…this seems to be a category of bugs and kinks… Files by Box.net and DivShare are the best two options for sharing all your files with others. I’d keep an eye on Box.net because there’s no way the California-based company wants to miss out on providing a Facebook app. Also, I know from experience, it doesn’t hurt to try the app. It might work for you, but not some other users. If you run into an error, let the app creators know…but don’t slam them in the review section. They know they’ve got bugs, and I’m sure they’re working hard on building a better app for you!

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