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“Dude, tomorrow don’t sign onto your Facebook account.”


“Because we gotta show those Facebook admins that they can’t walk all over us! It’s a revolution against the new layout. You in?”


“What? Dude, this is like tots important.”

“If you’re unhappy, why don’t you delete your account?”

“Because then I couldn’t use Facebook…”

Tomorrow, you can make an impact (not really) on Facebook. A group of people have decided to make a bold statement by not signing into their accounts for 24 hours. They’re pissed off that Facebook ignored their criticisms of the new layout, on top of other minor problems.

1 million people from around the world say they’re attending tomorrow’s blackout. That’s only 1% of Facebook’s total users.

So, I was not a fan of Facebook’s new layout. I hated it. I wrote letters to Facebook with curse words and dirty innuendos. (Maybe.) But now I dig it. I guess it was a lesson in how people resist change.

But tomorrow there will still be a blackout. Nothing will change Tuesday.

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Craig’s List will never win an award for design, but it’s definitely the easiest forum to find deals, events, and jobs. Why clutter your page? The cleanest, simplest designs are the most effective. Users want the easiest path or solution.

GoDaddy is too cluttered. Yahoo is too cluttered. This blog is too cluttered (with awesome stuff.)

There is a lot we can trim on our websites. Put your most important links in prominence, and other links can live at the bottom. Prominence can also cut the amount of links on your page, leaving them only in places where a user might find them relevant. For instance, Facebook realized that it was a hassle to have an “edit profile” link at the top, and so now they allow users to edit from their profile. Clean + Simple = User-Friendly.

Smashing Magazine posts these great sites as examples of minimalism. Jump there>>


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Your breasts or manchest can contribute to the coolest breast cancer campaign ever. Keep-a-Breast.org lets people caste their chests. These castes are then turned into sweet art, which you can check out on the site and get a sample below.

Some high profile musicians, like Katy Perry and Chiodos band member Matt Goddard, are casting their chests for KAB’s Music for Awareness campaign. This is pretty cool, and you can learn more about the long list of musicians that have helped out KAB.


Volunteer your chest or artistic talents by emailing KAB here.

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The younger members of the Grand Old Party are responding to Tuesday’s election with a call to renovate how the party meshes with their tech savvy. Rebuildtheparty.com hopes to interact with members to generate new ideas in a time where the badly-damaged party needs them.

The site says it’s ready to do war with the democrats on the technological front, stating that the internet needs to interact with campaign offices and volunteers in attempt to rebuild the grassroots infrastructure.

It also addresses the fact that these efforts are only successful behind the strength of new Republican candidates with 21st century ideas.

I will note that the web design does in fact reflect these principals. I would suggest to them to find a better way to organize their long plan into parts. This allows people to digest all these new principals in a design-friendly way.

You can read the full plan at the website, and then you can submit your own ideas.

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Yesterday I ate at the delicious Sushi Yaa in Arlington, TX, but it’s not the food that got my attention. It was their website. Sushi Yaa has a great design and an awesome user interface. You can compete in a photo contest, earn loyalty points to compete for prizes,  and even rate menu items like their special rolls and such.

This is just a local hole in the wall restaurant, and yet it’s one of the best user interface I’ve seen for a local restuarant. This is why I’m naming it a local hero. Register at their site to receive discounts and start interacting with Sushi Yaa.

Below two thumbnails of pics from the site. Go on, you know you want to click them.


^ Menu of their User Interface


^ Top 7 Loyalty Points Earners

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One thing is for sure, the web developers for both campaigns will not get rest today. Several things need to be orchestrated as the day goes on.

1) Bandwidth. If millions of people look towards their candidate’s site for news, then your site is going to get bogged down. Expect the bandwidth needs to surge at 7, when the polls close. Then once there’s a winner, the winning page needs to get ready for the biggest surge its seen.

2) Updates. As events unfold, be sure to see some major events highlighted in the design rather than just loaded from RSS feeds. The designers are ready to update those sites to reflect today’s events.

3) Readying the win/lose pages. Tonight, the website’s will either reflect a win or a loss, and the developers are sure to be working on that today. Both sides have probably created win pages that will give us a new message from the candidate, highlight volunteer opportunities, and start to create a social networking system for supporters to get involved in the next 3 months.

4) Not screw up. We remember the McCain team accidentally releasing an internet ad showing that McCain had won the first presidential debate. The developers will be careful not to accidentally jump the gun on results.

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