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Google Friend Connect allows Developers to make sites social without PHP & JavaScript.

Google just announced that your personal site can be a social network thanks to Google’s Friend Connect.

As someone who wants to design for arists, this new feature will be great for actors and artists that want an easy way for people to connect with them.

People can add you as a friend via OpenID (?), and you can add other friends from other websites. You can also have a wall for friends and clients to post on as well as a review function. More gadgets are on their way, and you can already use OpenID custom gadgets.

I tested it on my website (you can find the test at http://michaeltobias.com/connect.html) It’s really easy to add to any site. And you can customize the gadgets by color and size.


I added it to my website in 20 minutes, using the simplest color screens available. I only needed to copy and paste code into 3 files, making the process hassle-free.

I even tested how easy it is to add yourself to a website’s social gadget. SUPER EASY. I went to another computer, and went to my site. I clicked to add myself, and Google detected that I was logged into my Gmail account. I added myself using that. Done.

Here’s a video from Google on Friend Connect:

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{via TechCrunch post}

Facebook has created a visualization of the connection between its users. I just watched the video of a Facebook developer demonstrate the pretty visualization of different interactions between users around the Earth. It was created by developers at the most recent Hackathon event, so it’s not an official Facebook feature. Maybe later.

Oh well, it’ll kill 10 minutes of your freetime, and it’s gosh darn cool.


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“I can’t believe that b&@#% broke up me. I’m going to stop following Kelsey on Twitter.”

“Good idea, bro.”

“There, I’m done with that dumb wh#%*!”

“I’m proud of you.”

“Alright, now to TweetStalk her.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m using TweetStalk to follow her tweets without her knowing. That way I can know what she’s up to.”

“Don’t you think that’s creepy that you’re following what she does?”

“Wasn’t it creepy before…?”

“Hm. Good point, bro. Good point.”


So, am I going to focus on the creepiness of TweetStalk? Naw. This isn’t that creepy. Afterall, I’ve followed a few people without doing so on Twitter. I just grabbed RSS feed so I could read their tweets in my Google Reader. And that’s basically the concept of TweetStalk, just with a toolbar manager for those of you without a feed reader. Check it out>>

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“Hm, I keep checking Craig’s List for a web developer to design a site for my cookie store…but I’m hesitant. I don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money to a firm. I just need some kid in his mom’s basement that knows how to program a PHP user interface for some extra cash. It’d be cool if there was a way to monitor his work…because I don’t want my developer looking at naughty websites on my wages.”


So oDesk is a volcanic trend today on Google. It’s a website that allows you to build a custom development team from freelancers – and that’s everything from copywriting, graphic design, and web development. You look at the developer’s profile, and it shows you their work history and ratings. You just click hire and you’re working via oDesk’s platform. Pretty cool? Oh yeah.

On the flip side, developers can look for jobs on oDesk. This website makes this whole process a little more legit than the developer looking for jobs via Craig’s List, which has become very popular as of late. Craig’s List posting just seem shady…you have no idea about the work ethic of the freelancer, or the reliability of the client. (I know, I had one try to drop me even though there was an existing contract.)

oDesk’s platform also allows you to track progress to maximize each team member’s efficiency. There are also community forums and resources for both developers and job providers.

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Well actually maybe. But first let’s jump into the question: What is MySpace Primetime? It’s basically a player that allows MySpace users to customize Hulu’s content for their profile. You can both watch and share your favorite shows (with commercials of course.)

Hulu, for the majority of peeps that still haven’t found this website, is a website that ahem plays all your favorite shows. I like Surf the Channel, but there are questionable practices at that site. And sometimes STC just points you to Hulu…

This app is a great example of integration. Imagine, me and you both loving Family Guy. I’m interested in checking your profile to see what’s up, but then you have Family Guy, Arrested Development, 30 Rock…

Man, your profile is going to distract me from getting posts on this blog…

Check out Primetime now>>

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Our bravest soldiers are now streaming vids on the net with the help of TroopTube. The military doesn’t let troops broadcast on sites like YouTube, and it makes a lot of sense. But they also acknowledge the need for some Internet 15 minutes of fame.

Popular vids include a message from General Petraeus to the troops and 2 wives giving a shoutout to their hubbies’ brigade.

It hasn’t received much content, but I expect we’ll see growth in no time. Jump to our nation’s finest on fill>>


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Yesterday I ate at the delicious Sushi Yaa in Arlington, TX, but it’s not the food that got my attention. It was their website. Sushi Yaa has a great design and an awesome user interface. You can compete in a photo contest, earn loyalty points to compete for prizes,  and even rate menu items like their special rolls and such.

This is just a local hole in the wall restaurant, and yet it’s one of the best user interface I’ve seen for a local restuarant. This is why I’m naming it a local hero. Register at their site to receive discounts and start interacting with Sushi Yaa.

Below two thumbnails of pics from the site. Go on, you know you want to click them.


^ Menu of their User Interface


^ Top 7 Loyalty Points Earners

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