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{via Switched}

Burger King is offering a free Angry Whopper (a spicy counterpart to their original flame-broiled treat.) But you’ve got to prove your loyalty to the king.

You need to add the Whopper Sacrifice Facebook app, and then the next part is fun! Burger King is asking you to boot 10 of your friends. Yup, these 10 will no longer be your friends on Fbook.

Now before you get scared that you’ll offend these people, remember one thing. These 10 people add nothing to your life while the Whopper adds deliciousness to your tastebuds. You can’t eat these friends. These friends are so worthless.

One other little thing, it lets those friends know you bumped them. So choose people who understand the words “FREE FOOD.” (So, basically, your friends still in college.) And you want to sacrifice friends who are willing to sacrifice you first. Once they’ve unfriended you, it’s too late to cut them. Every man for himself on the social web!

I already know 10 people I’m going to cut. Worried you’re on my chopping block? Maybe you should buy me a whopper. There’s a chance I won’t unfriend you. But 2 Whoppers does sound nice : D

Read more about the deal at the official website>>

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