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Many sites want you to sign up, but the tumblelog My Soup actually lets you play around before you sign up.


I’m surprised this doesn’t happen on more social networks. Before I give you my personal info, let me make a test profile. Let me see if your interface is user-friendly.

Before I settled on WordPress, I started a Blogger, Tumblr, Vox, LiveJournal, Pownce… I had good experiences, but ultimately I had bad experiences. Now all of those sites have Michael Tobias info in their servers…and I would’ve saved a lot more time and headaches.

Or for social bookmarking sites, develop a temporary plug-in that allows me to see how your toolbar is feng shui on my browser. (After all, Facebook has a nice little share button that doesn’t complicate my browser.) What does your toolbar look like on my browser? Let me see it, even if the temporary toolbar isn’t functional (Oh, and slap a sign up button on that temp toolbar in case I’m ready to give in to your site.)

Just a few ideas.

(Psst…I think I still like Tumblr more than My Soup for micro-blogging.)

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