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I like to track search trends because it’s so freaking cool to see how what’s on our collective minds. Today, you should expect Hillary to dominate blogs, tweets, and searches.

Also, it’s official that we’re in a recession.

Looks like 2008, even with 1 more month, has been one helluva year.

So what were we searching on Yahoo? Luckily there’s Yahoo Buzz: A Year in Review 2008. (Sent by my Facebook friend Leah…We’re still sorting out how we’re friends lol!)

It’s interesting that under the news section Election 2008 was 3rd compared to the term “Hurricanes.” One would think Election 2008 would be the most popular term this year, but then again we had some nasty storms. Plus most people didn’t use the term Election 2008 to feed their political cravings.

And perhaps the saddest part of the page is the farewell section. The untimely death of Heath Ledger boosted his search term to the top. It’s just a shame that so many untimely deaths are on that list; such as Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, George Carlin, Brad Renfro and Tim Russert.

UPDATE/// TechCrunch, in a similar post, shows last years list:

  1. Britney Spears
  2. WWE
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Naruto
  5. Beyonce
  6. Lindsay Lohan
  7. Rune Scape
  8. Fantasy Football
  9. Fergie
  10. Jessica Alba

Wow….lots of repeats///

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“Sell, sell, sell!!!”

“Dude, what are you doing?”

“I’m selling my Yahoo stock. It just shot up from $10.71 to $12.20 because Jerry Yang left Yahoo’s helm. If I sell now before it drops again, I can get some tacos at Jack in the Box.”

Google Finance shows that Yahoo is rising from its infamous $10 stock, and this may not be the end of the Yang Bang….wait…wait..it just dropped 3 cents…I would finish this post, but I need to go sell my Yahoo stock before it drops back down to $10…

Actually, there is a steady rise. A good sign? Perhaps…

Follow Yahoo’s stock live>>


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Now, normally, I’d look at Boston City Hall as an insignificant thing to cover under my trends section. BUT, there’s something hilarious – possibly embarrassing – going on here. Why does Boston’s city hall top Google’s search? Because Reuters did a report on VirtualTourist.com’s post about the 10 ugliest buildings/monuments, one that Yahoo featured on its homepage. So, what’s the matter? The Reuters article doesn’t feature pictures of the buildings. So obviously the reader, whether on Reuters or Yahoo, would have to search the term “Boston City Hall” to find the picture.

Well, Yahoo Buzz, its equivalent of Google Trends, does not have the search term in the top 20.

Let’s remember that there is a search bar above the article on Yahoo…So, a curious reader could easily search for the term.

So we have 3 potential occurences – all embarrassing.

  1. Readers simply do not care about seeing ugly buildings. Possibility, but there obviously is an interest trending on Google.
  2. Google is getting a surge from Reuters readers. This is worse because it means Yahoo readers just don’t give a #$%@ about their featured articles – or maybe this specific article.
  3. The worst: Yahoo readers simply don’t like using its search, and thus decided to hop over to Google to use it’s more impressive image search.

Again, any takers on that $10.82 stock from Yahoo?

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“814, dude.”


“Alaska just might not elect a convict to the Senate. Stevens is behind 814 votes.”


“What’s on your computer screen?”

“It’s the new Windows Live. Pretty sweet; it’s like a social network now. Look I just posted some pics of Elia and me at the KanYe West concert. And I’m about to update my interests.”

“Sweet…so, does this means you’re going to drop MySpace?”

“F%#& no, dude. This looks like a social network for my mom…but it’s midday, and it was do this or watch soap operas.”


///Ted Stevens is BEHIND///

Topping the blog search today is the senatorial race in the chilly state of Alaska, where absentee ballots have pushed candidate Mark Begich, you know the one without the felony record, ahead by 814 votes.

///Whoa, Windows Live a Social Network?///

In second place is the new updates to Windows Live, which has integrated its Spaces with the home page to give the user a more social experience. Of course, Windows Live is now in that awkward place: “What the hell exactly is Windows Live? Is it a blog, is it a place for me to check whether, is it mail, or dare I say is just a bunch of random crap together….?”

Google has a range of products such as Gmail and Orkus, but it lets users opt into cluttering the Google homepage with that stuff. Otherwise, it’s just a search engine with a link to more stuff. Yahoo, whose stock plunged yesterday to $10, also has a clutter problem.

But let’s applaud Windows Live to thinking outside of the box. Yahoo had only been talking about this upgrade whereas Windows Live actually made it happen. Cool? But I’ll still stick to Facebook and Google.

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Uh oh…Yahoo stock is now 10 bucks. It’s bad when I think to myself, “Hmm, do I want this Chipotle Burrito or stock in Yahoo…?” Well, sorry, Jerry Yang, it’s nearly dinner time and I’m hungry.

You can look at the stock plunge below (Not for the squeamish.)


(statistical date from Google Finance.)

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Yahoo, I know this has been a bad week for you with the loss of Yahoo Live and your breakup with Google. And I’m like so, so sorry. But the answer is not to grovel to Microsoft to take you.

It’s certainly not going to make Google jealous.


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Google announced today that it would not be going steady with Yahoo. They couldn’t get over the prenup, and some of Google’s friends were concerned about this relationship. So, Google thought long and hard about it. They even tried to give it one more shot, but today Google just wants to be friends.

The breakup was done in a noisy restaurant…meaning today everyone doesn’t care unless you’re covering yesterday’s election, Prop 8, and the Senate race results.

What does this mean for Yahoo? Well, it means that Jerry Yang and David Filo have to start thinking about the future of their company. This is the second big hit this week after Yahoo announced it would be shutting down its streaming video site Yahoo Live.

Here’s a pic of the cloud from the website Brandtags.net. People are shown a brand (in this case Yahoo’s logo) and they write down the first word they associate with the Brand. Yahoo’s results page show words like “dead,” “lame,” and “not google.”


So, good luck, Jerry and David. You guys just weren’t ready for a grown up relationship. I know, your hearts are broken. But there are other fish in the sea.

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