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Picture 13

So where does the image come from? Yooouuutuuube.com, a website that takes youtube videos and visualizes them in a cool way. The site really made its debut when a video of Disney’s Alice and Wonderland (one Alice’s songs played backwards) made the ranks of Digg.

I thought that a video could make for a good background. So I tried screenshots of different videos visualized on Yooouuutuuube, and I settled on concert footage of Daft Punk’s Alive tour.

Before visiting Yooouuutuuube, make sure you have the latest version of Flash and decent memory. That or get ready for LOTS of buffering.

I’m going to go back to watching the Alice video…

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Just awesome…

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“Hey, dude. Wanna go drink? I just got laid off from Sprint.”

“Bro, don’t interrupt me right now. I’m trying to connect with my spiritual side.”

“What…on YouTube?”

“Yes. Yes, on YouTube. I’m watching the Vatican’s channel.”

“Cool, wanna watch Numa Numa after you’re done watching the Pope?”

“Um, hell yeah I do.”

This is definitely noteworthy. A month ago, the only holy grail on YouTube was on the official Monty Python channel. Now, we have the official channel for the Vatican. That’s right, everyone. We will have the Pope and everything Catholic amongst the other YouTube greats like the skiing squirrel and naked Vlogs.

The channel already has 20 videos, and the channel is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. There’s some saint pointing in the background pic. It’s funny because they use the same saint in the profile pic, and it looks like he’s some holy Fonz pointing at some dude.

See the featured video from the Vatican Channel below.

{via The Official Google Blog}

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So, the New York Times put a mortgage on its building to help pay the bills. Uh oh…

That’s not good. That’s what my uncle does when he needs to pay the bills, and that means newspapers are screwed. We’ve all thought it. Online news has already become vastly more popular than its paper cousin.

The big problem is that news organizations are now financially sick in this recession. Really sick. I mean, Lifetime sick.

And sadly there are few alternatives to the current revenue models. If money doesn’t flow in, we’re bound to lose some of our favorite features on these news sites. That means in this globalized world, it’ll be tougher and slower to get news updates from these orgs.

Here are 2 possible replacements:

///Subscription Based Websites

OH GOD PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!! We’ve grown used to free news. Not just any free news, good free news. It’d be a different story if I only read Arlington Star Telegram for free. But I read the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, New York Times, and L.A. Times.

Ads can’t cover the costs of running a paper the size of the NYT or Post, especially when advertisers are getting smaller budgets. Suddenly a full-page ad in the paper seems like a bad idea when they can reach more people with TV or Google ads.

Subscriptions could eliminate ads from the sites. Some blogs and news sites already do it. (Daily Kos comes to mind.) This might not be so bad. (It f***s my wallet though.)

I also have a problem with this model because it lacks the openness that exists throughout the web. It’s a little blow to net neutrality – many people from across the world wouldn’t have access to these great resources.

But, before that future looks too bleak, let’s move on.

///Social News

Papers face a major challenge on the web: minute-by-minute content. Back in the day papers could mollify readers with 3 updates in a day, but our generation needs a larger amount of content and updates. Advertisers need more content to ensure their ads are seen by a large amount of traffic.

So, news sites have several features that are fatty, features that can be cut. Say no to fatties!! Erm, fatty content. Let’s move onto my point…

These news sites do not have to be responsible for this content.

Some examples:

The New York Times collaborate with a local TV news station. The station uploads video content via the New York Times site, sends over some employees to New York Times,  and uses a social site like YouTube or Vimeo to upload the embeddable videos to the news site. This would cut back the need to tape reporters (like the Times does), and it empowers people to spread the news, which would bring more traffic to your site to satisfy your advertisers (even though they’re already slapping an ad before your site’s vid…)

Invest in developing a social news site. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, proved to us that articles can go viral. I’ve been waiting for a news site with social actions similar to Digg. Hasn’t happened. Ugh. Silly newspapers, you think that adding comments t your articles is enough. NOOO!!! You need to add interactive ranking to your articles, plus allow comments on comments, and ranking on comments…like Digg.

Then your site becomes an experience.

Millions of people waste time on Digg just commenting and ranking comments…If you add that to your site, your advertisers will pay attention to your higher traffic. Oh yeah, like big dogs eyeing your meaty steak. TASTY TRAFFIC!!!

Oh yes, the future doesn’t look so bad. Plus I’m sure the New York Times will eventually benefit from no longer worrying about the distribution and production of papers. And sadly no longer worrying about those salaries of people it cut from those sectors…sigh…recession’s suck.

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As you can see in Code Red Improv’s latest vid about hipsters, YouTube is now tailored for your widescreen needs. Now your vlog will appear more epic, and your old vids have those damn vertical stripes.

Oh well.

Go to YouTube>>

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“Hey, dude, what’s u– Are you reading Twilight?”


“Are you, a 22 year old man, reading a teen angst novel about vampires?”

“It’s my sister’s. I was just browsing…I mean, they’re vampires so it’s not that bad.”

“Yeah, and Harry Potter’s a wizard, but you don’t see me reading those dumb books.”

“How dare you talk that way about Harry!?”

“Dude, let’s go watch Quantum of Solace…er…are you crying?”

“Edward Cullen’s so sweet…”


“He’s a vampire, and he treats Bella Swan so well. So well.”

“Bro, please watch True Blood. There are boobs. Do you remember what those look like? Breasts? Remember how those used to attract you?”

I haven’t read the books, but that puts me in the minority. Tonight several people will line up at theatre to see Stephanie Meyer’s book Twilight come to life. The book is part of a series – ahem saga – that follows the relationship of Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Bella Swan, a human. Her blood smells oh so sweet to Edward, but he suppresses his appetite to love her in one of those most sweeping teen novels.

There is buzz on Twitter. Twitter-ers are talking about their excitement for tonight. Check it out>>


You can see some cool fan art, like this sketch of the first book’s cover art, at DeviantArt:


Check out more>> Or check out my favs below:



And here’s a fan made trailer that’s…not half bad…

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“What are you uploading to YouTube?”

“Some clips of Monty Python.”

“You know it’s getting its own official channel.”

“Oh…so I don’t have to illegally upload my favorite sketches?”


“We are the knights who say NI!”

“Jesus, what has YouTube done…?”


{via Mashable} YouTube will have an official Monty Python channel, and it will be the fodder to your already obsessed friends. You’ll be at a party; your friend Joe will say, “Dude, come over here I gotta show you a funny vid.”

Let the Brit troupe explain the scheme to you:

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