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I just read on Boing Boing that radio station WFMU’s website had a contest to transform that awkward photo of McCain from the 3rd debate. You know, the one that makes him look like a zombie:


Here is one result:


If you’re ready for the most bizarre pics, click the moshing McCain to jump to the WFMU’s contest page.

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I just got back from the gun range where I practice shooting Zombies in the head. I open my Facebook account to discover that I’ve been invited to join the Zombie app. What better way to get into their heads than to playfully bite my friends. I don’t condone actually being a Zombie because the second amendment allows me to shoot you when you try to feast on my brain parts.

And then MattCutts.com showed the world that Google has finally Zombie-proofed its directory:

We’re entering a scary new era where zombies can program complex site crawlers to get into our brain directories. I didn’t even know I had a brain directory. But it got me to thinking about the disturbing popularity of zombies…

I submit this piece of evidence from Google Trends:

The graph shows a steady rise in the number of zombie searches over the past 5 years. Even more disturbing are Mexican zombies, and we’ve begun to see a huge surge of interest:

It spikes up in 2004, leading me to believe that we must’ve had the first zombie sighting in Mexico at some point. From there, we see a more stable graph of zombie interest from Mexico. This scares me because NAFTA might allow for more zombie trafficking across the border.

Mexican zombies will soon want more brains for their families, and I bet we will see them immigrate to our states to feast on government brain handouts and take away brain-eating jobs from American zombies.

Don’t get me wrong…I’d rather have zero zombies, but I’m a proud American. I’d hate to see my local neighborhood taken over with Zombie mariachi music. If we don’t act, it might be too late.

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