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(Michael steps into his home to find his blog sitting on the couch.)

Michael: Hey, honey.

Blog: Hello, Michael. You’re in late.

Michael: I brought home Chinese. I got your favorite: shrimp lo-mein

Blog: What? You should’ve called. I spent the last two hours cooking you dinner.

Michael: Oh. Then I’ll put this in the–

Blog: You’ve been coming home late all week.

Michael: Right, well work. You know work.

Blog: You work from home.

Michael: Right. But…

Blog: What’s her name??

Michael: Oh god. Okay…I can’t do this anymore. You deserve better. Her name is Twitter.

Blog: Michael, how could you?

Michael: Twitter, well, it’s just newer and — and

Blog: Younger. How old is Twitter?

Michael: It’s not important.

Blog: Oh god, she IS younger than me.

Michael: Look, if it’s any consellation, I still think you’re a more reputable source of information. Maybe slower…

Blog: Slower!?

Michael: No, I mean. Uhhh, I used to take so much time working on you..

Blog: So I’m a piece of work!?

Michael: No, no, no…Damn it. It’s just you both serve different purposes. When I’ve thought about something, and I mean really thought about something, you’re where I put that information. While Twitter, well, Twitter–

Blog: Is where you get your kicks, hm?

Michael: No. Just. Communicate. I get to communicate with more people. There’s a conversation. Here I would probably reach a few people with my posts, but Twitter let’s me converse with so many more.

Blog: So you’re saying I’m obsolete…oh god, Michael…

Michael: Blog, no. Don’t think that! What we have is still special…even though…uhm, I’m not really sure what we have now. I’m figuring out how to use you.

Blog: Hmph, I already feel used.

Michael: Ugh, no, I mean I’m not deleting you.

Blog: You’re not?

Michael: No. I’ll find a way to utilize you, and I swear we’ll both grow from there.

Blog: Oh, Michael, you’ve made me the happiest blog on the planet.

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