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Facebook recently changed their terms and conditions to not-so-subtly say that they owned our data when users disabled their accounts. Meaning your photos, notes, wall posts would be property of Facebook.

People raised a fit! Boy howdy, did they raise a fit. Facebook saw a surge of accounts disabled. People wrote them, blogged nasty posts, and cursed the ground Mark Zuckerberg walked on.

Er, well, maybe that last part was just me.

Well, Facebook is saying they made a whoopsie.


But I find it odd that they’d make the announcement so late. Maybe it’s a political move…like politicians hoping for a damaging story to happen on a Friday so that news organizations might not catch the move.

I’m not sure.

Either way, feel free to post, write, upload. It’s your property (for now.)

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melissacontreras-creaturem1I love graphic tees (in particular: Poketo, Threadless, Shirt.Woot, and Uneetee.)

Clothing has always been expression, and that’s the perfect reason to share great art via fabric. We all have our favorite graphic tees, whether they be from Urban Outfitters, bands, or any from the growing list of internet stores.

It is time for world-renowned artists to follow their cohorts in creating graphic tees. There are so many great artists with styles that are perfect for the cotton medium.

New artists already view tees as an awesome place to express their imaginations. I want to see some veterans in the field.

(Photo: tee titled “Creature Friends” from Poketo’s current collection by Melissa Contreras)

Update: I would love to see somebody make a t-shirt mural, meaning several t-shirts to create one artistic statement.

And I think it’s perfectly fine for people to use Zazzle, with permission, to create shirts with digital files of awesome paintings and graffiti. (Banksy wants you to add his graffiti to your shirt.)

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2070237174_c1e9eb2c84_mIn this extensive post, I try to redefine the relationships of networks, businesses, and artists in the television industry. Is there a better way for the creative artists of television to make money and distribute work? Technology is already shaking up how audience member interact with content, and I believe technology can help artists change the industry.

Are you ready for me to shake an entire industry? You best be. Read on, my friend.

(Photo credit: Flickr User John Edwards 2008 )


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Lovers, I found some videos for you as my valentine. Here are some great videos that use stop motion to tell stories of love!

Update: Sigh, WordPress won’t let me embed Vimeo vids. So until I figure that out, here are the links to my favorite vids from Vimeo:

GelGems: A Love Story from Dave Heinzel on Vimeo.

Sonata from Jan-Edward Vogels on Vimeo.

The Sweetest Little Song from Alexandra Fletcher on Vimeo.

True Love from THANK YOU on Vimeo.

There are tons more love videos than my choices! Go out there and make your own love story tonight ; D

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Maybe this year we’ll learn that love isn’t shown with money.

Us men have had our cookie-cutter ways for so long. We stick to roses, cards, and chocolates. And while those things are great, we know you can love your honey without them. You can make an action go so much further than a product.

Gentlemen, these sites will clue you into some ways to express your love.

  • Lovingyou.com – This site has a huge database of user-generated stories. They’re little blurbs about what makes their romances special. Read them to be inspired, or read them to be moved. Either way, take some time to check out the dating ideas section. Particularly I enjoyed the “Absolutely Free” section.
  • Urbanspoon – If you’re unfamiliar with Urbanspoon, it’s an online service that helps you find restaurants in your city. If you can’t swing the trendy restaurant this year, find a mom and pop place. You know, a little Italian place with Christmas lights and a secluded booth for the two of you.
  • FoodNetwork.com – If you have cooking skills in you, I think it’s time for you to check out Food Network’s romantic recipes. It’s the smallest gesture, and according to Cognitive Daily’s recent poll, women find home cooked dinners to be more romantic than any card or bouquet.

If anything, just give your girl a big squeeze, kiss her, and tell her how much you appreciate her wonderfulness.

Goodluck, gentlemen.

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picture-13Ah, digital love! Pixels zooming through the wireless cloud to give a little smile to someone you love. Your digital love could be one of Facebook’s gifts, a Twitter @reply to tweet “I ❤ U,” or just a simple ecard.

Granted, it’s not a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, and it’s not a dinner date with your sweetie. But it’s cute.

And all you Vday haters can drop your weapons because today isn’t just about romantic love. Use it as a day to call your mother, tell your friends that you appreciate them, and maybe even have a JD-Turk guy love moment.

Did you see Friday the 13th? Jason killed a lot of people. He just popped out, and boom dead. I guess I’m trying to say life is too short to not spread some love, even if it’s digital.

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5ddaca82b178c62acb29a21861fc66acd465760e_mIf you’re looking for inspiration, head over to morganblair.com. She’s the freelance illustrator whose sketchbook is featured in this BOOOOOOOM post!

The pic on the right came up on my Google Reader via FFFFOUND!

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I just read the post from Pink is the New Blog that Miley Cyrus is being sued by a Southern California woman for the pic seen below. Guess how much? 4 Billion. 4 freaking billion dollars.

In my original post on this story (also below), I stated my feelings that people were getting overheated about the antics of an immature girl. Teenagers are dumb, and yes it’s racist. No, it’s not worth a whole organization publicly attacking Miley, or is it worth 4 billion in damages.

The case will probably be sided towards Miley. Even though, she is a deserving idiot. What’s your guess?

Original Post: (Feb 3, 2009)

miley-cyrus-asian-racist-photoWe’ve got to give the 16 year old a break. But first…

Let me catch you up on the situation. That’s Miley Cyrus in the pic. Her and her friends are pulling their eyes to look like Asians. Racially offensive?

The OCA seems to think so. They’re an Asian-American advocacy group. They want an apology from Ms. Cyrus because they believe her behavior will encourage other youth to be racially insensitive.

Now, what’s the difference between hate and goofin’ off?

That seems to be the age old question. Can we tease each other about race without offending a whole organization? If the OCA gets its apology, will the Asian-American agenda record it as progress. Think about that, in the scope of Asian history:

Tuesday February 3, 2009 the Asian community finally took a stand against immature 16 year olds! They have long oppressed us with their “Me Chinese, me play joke” hate speeches, but we can proudly say we have struck a blow.

Yes, Miley is a role model. And yes, she’s a retard who eats ketchup alone. But we know that lessons on race sensitivity begin in the home. The parent passes their views to the child, and the child chooses to accept them or not. They’re constantly learning. They are always looking and listening to our examples. Don’t attack the insensitive and the immature; Shine the light on more Asian role models. After all, there is a reason why the Asian-American community is proud and strong. Don’t let Miley fucking Cyrus hurt that pride because she’s acting like any dumb kid.

Pick your battles. And Miley…goddamn, WTF…

(And, for the record, I don’t think it’s offensive that I used the word retard up there. People, stop being so sensitive!)

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This is a quick post. I just saw the coraline commercial, and the reviews, while good, sound like they’re bankhanded compliments.

“Best film of the year…”

when it’s only been a month…

“Best film in 3D…”

But..not a good film compared to normal ones?

It’s a sloppy commercial. The plot isn’t clear, and the audio always sounds off. Seeing Friday the 13th made me want to see Jason slash Coraline in half with his machete. Now, that’d be a good commercial.

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3188163429_a6413ace8bLove is in the air, and it’s that passion that leads to tagging something public.

You see, romance is an old friend of graffiti. Love bird kids have been scraping their initials into trees for the longest time.

Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day related graffiti.


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