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So, if you’re going to add an app to your profile, it shouldn’t just be clutter (ok maybe the occasional Dwight Shrute flair or some Lil Wayne “Lollipop” bumper stickers wouldn’t hurt.) I’ve comprised the best apps to make your life a little easier.

///Blog It///

I have a Vox, Blogger, WordPress, Pownce, Twitter, and Tumblr account, but it’s not a hassle with Blog It. You just add this app, set some permissions, and you can update all your accounts in two swoops: update your blog and update your statuses/tweets.

If you set your Twitter account to update your Facebook status, that’s even less work for you. You can update us with what you’re doing…and actually do it. Nifty! [View]


Let’s say you wanted to meet with other people to protest Walmart’s exploitation of those poor people in their workforce. MeetingWave is a great to both organize events and find other interested individuals (like me, let me at that faceless corporation!!!)

You can add this to your profile, or you can add this to a page. There you can use it to organize board meetings, special events, etc. [View]


Why not post your next big presentation to get some feedback from your friends? Add the SlideShare app to your profile and you’ll be able to use the same great features via your profile/page. I’m going to use this app to post a slide showabout Ignite on its Facebook page. I’m also going to use it post a slide show to teach new voters how to vote in Texas tomorrow! [View]

///Professional Profile///

Upload your resume and documents to your Facebook profile AND sync this app with LinkedIn.com? Sounds perfect, and the user ratings have found this application to be the simple. I love the sync feature because I only have to upload things like my resume and recommendations once. This is a good step in making Facebook a little grown up. [View]

///Free Text Alert///

This is pretty sweet, and I just added it to Ignite’s page. It’s really simple in that you just add it to your profile, go through a few steps, and then people can subscribe to your alert. Subscribers enter their phone number, and you’ll keep them updated on that party, special event, performance, art gallery opening, weekend sale…you name it. [View]

Finally I give you two apps in the File Sharing category to keep your eye on:

///File Sharing///

So…this seems to be a category of bugs and kinks… Files by Box.net and DivShare are the best two options for sharing all your files with others. I’d keep an eye on Box.net because there’s no way the California-based company wants to miss out on providing a Facebook app. Also, I know from experience, it doesn’t hurt to try the app. It might work for you, but not some other users. If you run into an error, let the app creators know…but don’t slam them in the review section. They know they’ve got bugs, and I’m sure they’re working hard on building a better app for you!

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///Can I Easily Add You to My Reader? And Does It Matter?///

Effort keeps us from doing lots of things on the web. I’m just curious about how the location of your feed button affects potential subscribers. Blogger by default puts the link at the bottom. On Ignite’s blog, a Blogger product, we put the feed button right at the top, just beneath the header, with a widget.

But if our content was just as popular as Boing Boing would it matter? Would potential subscribers look everywhere to find the feed button?

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boingboing.net /// There’s no surprise that this is on my reader. It’s one of the most popular blogs on the planet, feeding random content about all that is wonderful about this world.

sethgodin.typepad.com/// I read Why All Marketers Are Liars, and after that I went out and read every book from the Godin series. Seth has a knack for theorizing paradigm shifts in the marketing industry. He takes a look at the real business world to give a little guidance to us.

macalicious.com/// I need to stay updated on everything Mac!

theproducersperspective.com/// Ken Davenport is the most tech-savvy producer on and off Broadway right now. So, I like to stay updated with his great innovations and projects. I’m also a member of his new social network site Broadway Space.

Of course, I’m also subscribed to Ignite’s blog to see updates from our collaborators from across the country. I’ll put a blogroll [what’s that?] up later!

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