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Lovers, I found some videos for you as my valentine. Here are some great videos that use stop motion to tell stories of love!

Update: Sigh, WordPress won’t let me embed Vimeo vids. So until I figure that out, here are the links to my favorite vids from Vimeo:

GelGems: A Love Story from Dave Heinzel on Vimeo.

Sonata from Jan-Edward Vogels on Vimeo.

The Sweetest Little Song from Alexandra Fletcher on Vimeo.

True Love from THANK YOU on Vimeo.

There are tons more love videos than my choices! Go out there and make your own love story tonight ; D

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Maybe this year we’ll learn that love isn’t shown with money.

Us men have had our cookie-cutter ways for so long. We stick to roses, cards, and chocolates. And while those things are great, we know you can love your honey without them. You can make an action go so much further than a product.

Gentlemen, these sites will clue you into some ways to express your love.

  • Lovingyou.com – This site has a huge database of user-generated stories. They’re little blurbs about what makes their romances special. Read them to be inspired, or read them to be moved. Either way, take some time to check out the dating ideas section. Particularly I enjoyed the “Absolutely Free” section.
  • Urbanspoon – If you’re unfamiliar with Urbanspoon, it’s an online service that helps you find restaurants in your city. If you can’t swing the trendy restaurant this year, find a mom and pop place. You know, a little Italian place with Christmas lights and a secluded booth for the two of you.
  • FoodNetwork.com – If you have cooking skills in you, I think it’s time for you to check out Food Network’s romantic recipes. It’s the smallest gesture, and according to Cognitive Daily’s recent poll, women find home cooked dinners to be more romantic than any card or bouquet.

If anything, just give your girl a big squeeze, kiss her, and tell her how much you appreciate her wonderfulness.

Goodluck, gentlemen.

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picture-13Ah, digital love! Pixels zooming through the wireless cloud to give a little smile to someone you love. Your digital love could be one of Facebook’s gifts, a Twitter @reply to tweet “I ❤ U,” or just a simple ecard.

Granted, it’s not a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, and it’s not a dinner date with your sweetie. But it’s cute.

And all you Vday haters can drop your weapons because today isn’t just about romantic love. Use it as a day to call your mother, tell your friends that you appreciate them, and maybe even have a JD-Turk guy love moment.

Did you see Friday the 13th? Jason killed a lot of people. He just popped out, and boom dead. I guess I’m trying to say life is too short to not spread some love, even if it’s digital.

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